Our History


We can trace our roots back as far as the late 1920s. At first it was just Bell who later joined forces with Norman Fraser to form the firm Bell & Fraser. During 1958, Walter Engling moved to Windhoek and the firm Walter, Engling & Co merged with Bell & Fraser. During 1960, the firm incorporated Dr Hirsekorn & Miller and the firm was named Fraser, Engling & Hanekom.

In 1969, Udo Stritter joined as partner and the firm was named Engling Stritter & Co. Shortly thereafter, Peter Gerd van der Merwe joined and the firm was named Engling, Stritter & Van der Merwe. Since June 1972, the firm has been practicing under the name and style of Engling, Stritter & Partners.

Our firm is rooted in pioneer jurists and longstanding contributors to the Namibian legal fraternity in the form of Norman Fraser, Ben Hanekom, Walter Engling, Gerd van der Merwe, Udo Stritter, Carl-Heinz Scriba and Hans-Bruno Gerdes.

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